The Afriat Consulting Group, Inc. is a full-service firm specializing in governmental advocacy, political consulting, land use entitlement and community relations. We recognize that client causes are won time and again through astute planning, disciplined execution and assertive, sensible governmental and community outreach.

Firm president Steven Afriat is profoundly familiar with the processes and personalities of government. Respected for his comprehensive and experienced grasp of projects, which must be nursed through a maze of governmental, political and procedural hazards, his priorities are to maintain straightforward communication with clients, prepare reasoned advance planning and organize sophisticated outreach to government and community interests in order to achieve success.

Since 1985, no one has been better at creating supportive coalitions or addressing concerns among elected leadership and other government officials. Steven Afriat has outstanding relationships with leadership based upon his proven track record and clear manner of dealing. With The Afriat Consulting Group on your side, you gain the ability to navigate the corridors and byways of power with knowing confidence and experience.